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Why Invest in Real Estate in Mysore?

Mysore, the second largest city of Karnataka, is located at a distance of around 143 kms from Bangalore. There have been several names given to the city including City of Palaces, Garden City, City of Yoga, Ivory City as well as the Cultural Capital of Karnataka. The city boasts of traditional and royal heritage in spite of the many developments in the IT and various other sectors. Mysore has been involved in many industries and has gained huge profits. One of the events that contributes to Mysore’s economic development is tourism. The main reason for the increasing growth of the city is due to the emergence of many software, IT and BPO companies in the city. Due to the increasing industrial growth in the industrial sector there also has been a great development in the construction of residential buildings. There are various developers and builders who are investing in big projects which include residential townships, gated communities as well as apartments. Not only in Mysore there are many builders and developers from various cities investing in Mysore. There are many Indian as well as foreign investors who are taking up initiatives in the implementation of Residential Projects. There are many […]


Mysore has a moderate climate. Summer day temperatures average at 30° C though some days may be as hot as 35° C. June is the warmest month. Winter is extremely comfortable, with day temperatures for December averaging 27° C. The average night temperatures are 20° C and 17° C for summer and winter respectively. Mysore gets an average 86 centimetres of rain annually, most of it during the monsoon, which lasts from June to October.

Real Estate

Real Value Group’s Property Assessment and Management Team strives to get you the best real estate deals in and around Mysore. Our elite team consists of professionals with more than two decades.

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Sites on Instalment

Own Your Site on Easy Monthly Instalments in Mysore Location: All layouts are located within 15 Kms Radius from Mysore City. Location: Jayapura Hobli, Talur, Murudagalli, Doddakaturu.

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Smart Bond

Every Bond Holder believes that his hard earned money should be protected and he expects good returns for his investment. The Amount collected for Real Value Smart Bond will be invested for purchase of land.

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We develop properties which include buying the land on behalf of our members,clients and take part in conversion,alienation and plan sanction from concerned authorities. We Develop sites according to the module and the MUDA NORMS OR DTCP NORMS.The measurements of the sites 30*40, 30*50, 40*60 and 50*80. We undertake projects for individuals, House building co-operative societes and for private and public limit companies.


Real value group has been the market leader in commercial real estate services in Mysore since 2014, bringing together strong ties and involvement in the local community and the resources of the world's largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. We transform commercial real estate into real advantage by putting our perspectives, scale and connections to work to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Corporate Objective

Real Value aims to be the de facto Source of Information for buying, selling or leasing any type of property anywhere in the country. The entire spectrum of property information has been built to facilitate quick zeroing in, on the type of real estate desired.

The Real Value advantage

The Real Value Property Listing Service is a benefit driven service. A two-fold approach provides consumers never-before value:

  • provides prospective purchasers/tenants and the real estate fraternity with conveniences, facilities and features that would facilitate them or their customers in locating properties of their choice.
  • provides sellers/tenants and the real estate fraternity the opportunity to leverage the power of technology to achieve global exposure for their properties, cost effectively.

Recent projects

Real Value Group's Property Assessment and Management Team strives to get you the best real estate deals in and around Mysore. Our elite team consists of professionals with more than two decades of experience in Real Estate assessment and negotiation.